Washington’s ‘Equalizer’ provides change of pace

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Just when I thought Denzel Washington couldn’t get any more badass, he’s gone and done it again.

“Equalizer” was portrayed in the previews as just another regular action movie; there’s a bad guy, a good guy, the good guy gets in trouble because of the bad guy and the bad guy gets defeated.

Nonetheless, it was a great change of pace for an action flick.

The freshness of this film included the lack of a love story. Washington played a genuine old man who genuinely wanted to help people. No sex, no naked scenes, just down to the nitty-gritty.

Washington seems like a good guy with methodical and meticulous actions throughout the entire film. He places his spoon and fork in the exact same place at every meal, and envisions the room he is in as well as the people.

Somehow, you are rooting for this “good guy” while he murders and tortures nearly two dozen people, yet somehow these producers and filmmakers have you rooting for him through the end, even when he shoves a running drill through a Russian man’s head.

Washington’s most epic fight scene at the very end of the film is comical in that he is formally dressed in his slacks, dress shoes and button down shirt as normal.

He just has to dress nice for his murders. This scene is close to “Home Alone,” but the adult version as he sets up traps for the Russian mafia.

Overall, it’s a great film to catch while not on a date.


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