Letters to the Editor: International students require additional jobs

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Since I have been a Boxer at Pacific for three years, I really enjoyed my life of learning new things here.

However, I realized that Pacific has limited job opportunities for international students, which is one of the reasons that makes a group of international students isolated from the community.

According to the survey that I have done with the International Club, I realized that all international students face having less opportunities to get jobs on campus.

I base this on the experiences of Lin, a senior international student, who had been to the career fair for four years, yet she never received a job on campus.

“I always go and apply for jobs on campus every semester but really never got one, they never contact and ask me to the interviews,” she said.

It is one example from many international students that I have heard about.

In fact, international students aren’t allowed to work eligibly in the U.S. due to the Visa issue.

However, they can lawfully be permitted to work in the U.S. by having employment on campus while going to school.

Therefore, the opportunities for international students to work in U.S. while going to school are limited compared to the U.S. students.

An example would be, U.S. students are able to get jobs off campus.

Different languages and cultures are another difficulty for international students at the workplace.

Yet, they can improve and overcome if there are opportunities available for them to get involved with.

Some people might argue that studying full time at school and having part time jobs at the same time would negatively impact the international students academics.

However, there are many different ways that I would suggest to overcome these obstacles.

In order to hire international student workers, the employer should conduct an interview to see if they qualify, meet a certain GPA requirement on require international students to take training sessions for the job positions.

From my perspective, having more job opportunities available for international students will not only help them to solve their financial burdens , but also help them to be more socialized and involved in the Pacific community.

Therefore, the campus will be more diversified with more social interactions among students from various countries and backgrounds.

The more international students who are supported financially and socially through job opportunities, the more we will learn, understand and improve our connections in the student body of Pacific University.


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