Alumna finds Aloha

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I remember my first year in Oregon rained all day every day!

You wake up it’s dark, you go to sleep it’s dark. This never-ending dichotomy between “paradise” and “college-life” has been a constant battle for young children of Hawaii.

My love for the ocean was apparent throughout my childhood and at that time I decided to leave all that behind and start something new in a place where I did not know anyone.

Fortunately, Uncle Jeff, senior associate admissions counselor, made sure that all my questions were answered the first day I stepped onto campus.

He set me up with a work-study job that I kept for five years. Without this opportunity, I don’t think I would have stayed at Pacific University.

Over time I’ve learned to venture out to Portland, Seattle and various parts of California with friends I made along the way.

Pacific provides many opportunities to make friends. With 25% of the school population from Hawaii, it isn’t difficult to lose your sense of pride of who you are.

Na Haumana O Hawaii definitely is a bond that can never be broken. The monthly events provided by NHOH helps relieve the homesickness.

Pacific University is a great place for students who are looking for a smaller community with a lot to explore, but it is far away from home.

Without a doubt, if I had to choose between leaving my dear Hawaii or a chance at an experience of a lifetime, I would choose Pacific University.


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