Influx in student population causes parking binds, issues

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Many students decide to bring a vehicle during their first year at college.

This, however, has become a problem considering the freshman class is the biggest in Pacific University’s history.

With the combination of incoming and returning students bringing vehicles to campus, the parking situation can be difficult.

There are sixteen parking lots available. Of those sixteen parking lots, only three are available for overnight parking.

Lots A, B, H, and P are reserved for staff and faculty only. Lots C, D, F G, I, J, L, M, N, and O are either student only or open parking, but are all unavailable for overnight use.

That leaves lots E, I and K as the only available lots for overnight parking.

If Pacific is opening its doors to more students, why is there not an adequate amount of overnight parking to accommodate students’ needs?

Last year, a survey was conducted to poll students to see how they personally felt about the parking situation.

The surveyor did not pick an ideal time to conduct the questionnaire so there were no responses that would prompt faculty and administration to concern them with parking.

There is no clear solution to the dilemma. I directed the concern toward the Dean of Students, Will Perkins, and was told that he himself was hearing more concerns about parking this year than in years past.

Perkins stated he would relay the message and contact the people more directly related with parking concerns. One hope students have, is the inclusion of more street parking once the construction near McCormick is complete.

There will be more spots available on the road but it is unknown as to whether or not they will be allowed as overnight parking.

Students will have to continue to worry about the overnight parking situation on campus and hope one day more lots that are currently restricted now, will become available.


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