‘Pan’ offers fresh look

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“Is this, Canada?” Peter asked. “No silly, it’s Neverland, a dream from which you never wake.”

Pan offers a new look at a beloved story. We meet young Peter, a mischievous orphan living in London during World War II, who is stolen away to Neverland.

Peter finds himself in a world full of pirates, floating ships, mysterious creatures, fairies and Captain Blackbeard, the cruelest pirate in Neverland.

It soon comes to light that Peter is the hero Neverland has been waiting for.

The one who will free the people from the ruthless Captain Blackbeard. With help from familiar characters such as Hook, Smee, Tiger Lily and Tinker Bell, Peter is able to fulfill his destiny.

This movie had everything from action, adventure, humor and of course, magic.

The visual effects were stunning and the storyline was fresh, yet familiar. However, there were a few moments that disrupted the flow of the movie.

One of these being the welcoming of Peter and other stolen children to Neverland, when Captain Blackbeard lead everyone in a chorus of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” This was strange not only because that song wouldn’t exist for another 52 years, but it had nothing to do with that scene.

The disruption took the focus away from what could have been a really powerful moment, which was Peter’s introduction to Neverland.

Other than the few strange moments such as that scene, ‘Pan’ was exciting, entertaining and highly recommended to those looking for a new take on an old classic.


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