‘Selfies’ captures lives

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Social media has become one of the dominant instruments of communication in the 21 century. Through this we commonly share messages or pictures with one and other. In the last decade, a new form of photography has appeared. One of duck faces, tongues out or randomly staring of into the distance.

This complex photography is what we come to know as, the infamous “selfie.”

A report in the Huffington Post last week said there are more deaths per year due to taking selfies than shark attacks.

The story had become prevalent after a man fell down the steps of the Taj Mahal while taking a selfie. In fact this has become such an occurrence that there is now an entire Wikipedia page on selfie related injuries.

Fear not social media fanatics, as inventions such as the selfie stick have helped to make your next Instagram post much safer. It is safe to say that nothing says cheese like a four 4-foot retractable metal rod.

I must admit, I have also taken my fair share of selfies, but at what point does it go too far? Is your life worth the approval of the hundreds of followers that you have?

Phone applications such as Snapchat have made it so one can send as many selfies as they want, allowing the viewer to see the fine portrait of yourself for up to ten seconds.

It is beyond my comprehension that those ten seconds have become more important than a person’s well-being.

While leaning off the chairlift to snap a picture of you on Mount Hood may be awesome, telling your friends the next day at breakfast would be a better and safer idea.

With this being said, I enjoy using social media like everyone else but there is a definite point of awareness that needs to be addressed when people are putting themselves in danger for a slim bit of notoriety.


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