‘DIY’ costumes save students’ money

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“Do you know what you are going to be yet?” “I have no idea!! Something sluutttyyyy!” This was a text I received from my friend last week.

What used to be an evening filled with trickortreating, hilarious or scary costumes, has transitioned to eye candy and minimal clothing. Part of this comes with the age group.

I think most of us can admit that in highschool and college we have shied away from the blowup plummers costume, the adult baby suit and the roadkill ensemble. I know I have. But what has caused this change in the Halloween spirit?

The night of disguise is now a night to either hand out candy to young trickortreaters or it’s a night to go out to a costume party.

While it would be hilarious if I roamed the streets or socialized at a party in my blowup plummers costume, I probably would not.

In our society, body image is a huge issue. Women and men are seen as sex icons and costumes are designed to show as much skin as possible.

What better way to pay for an overpriced disguise that covers only the essential parts of the human body? I think both women and men use Halloween as an excuse to dress in revealing costumes.

This does not mean everyone goes about Halloween in this manner because a lot of people do not, but I believe this has become the mainstream idea.

Last week, I walked into a Halloween store at the Streets of Tanasbourne and saw multiple shelves lined with “sexy” costumes.

And these costumes were priced at $25 or above! To be honest, if you’re spending above $20 for a Halloween costume, you are doing it wrong.

What people should really look into are DIY (do it yourself) costumes.

Once a person gets an idea in their head about what they want to dress up as, there are so many creative ways to go about it.

By using home supplies and your own clothes, the price reduces dramatically.

As college students, we do not have money to spend on expensive Halloween costumes, especially ones with very little fabric.


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