Pacific gives student more than education

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Pacific University was never my dream school. It was never the school that I grew up wanting to attend.

And it was nowhere near the greatest day ever when I was finally accepted here.

What I did not know when I stepped onto Pacific’s campus in 2011, was I had made the best decision in my life to come here.

Pacific has blessed me with so much in my time here.

It has given me a home away from home with a group of friends that have become my family, an amazing education and a chance to attend Pacific’s School of Professional Psychology.

More importantly, Pacific has helped make my parents’ American dream come true. When they both came to the United States from Mexico over 20 years ago, they came not only to make a better future for themselves, but for their future children.

They have always wanted the best for my sister and I and have always pushed us to be the best we can be.

Coming to Pacific has made all of their sacrifices worth it and made their dreams come true.

Since graduating from Pacific’s undergraduate program last May and starting my graduate studies this fall, Pacific still has a positive impact on my family.

Being the oldest in my family, graduating from Pacific has helped me set a good example for my younger family members. Pacific has been nothing short of a blessing for my family and I.

I would not change my decision to come here for any dream school in the world.


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