Student rejects negative use of ‘gay’ label

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In recent social media news, a loving father was put on blast for carpentering a kitchen playset for his chef-aspiring two-year-old son.

Ridicules said this father was turning his son into a daughter and he would someday be a “faggot” because of this kitchenette influence. There are a lot of things that contribute to someone being gay, but there are millions more that do not contribute to it.

So what does make a person gay? The answer to that question is simple. Someone is gay if they are sexually attracted solely to the same-sex, identify as gay or in some instances of the term, are incredibly happy.

Enjoying cooking does not make someone gay, in the same way that enjoying theater, height, listening to boybands, having nice handwriting, speaking a certain way, having mostly friend of the opposite sex, hand size, disliking sports, having no religion and caring about fashion do not make you gay. That list could have gone on close to forever.

The only thing that your likes, dislikes, attitudes and behaviors make you is you. For some people, being gay is included in that list of things that makes a person who they are. Sexual orientation is another descriptor, not an end result of other habits and interests. Straight men can love cooking just as much as straight women can love sports. This was the same response the father took to his son’s love of kitchen supplies.

Having a miniature kitchen to play with where he would not get hurt is not going to make his son gay, but even if he turned out to be gay later down the road he would love him, because “gay” is not a negative feature of a person.


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