Movie review: Actions in ‘Spectre’ is too ‘predictable’

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“Spectre” is the latest Bond Movie starring Daniel Craig as the iconic British spy. However, this is looking like the last movie where Craig will be playing Bond.

We enter this story with one of

the greatest opening sequences not only in a bond movie, but one of the greatest opening sequences I’ve seen (aside from probably Star Wars).

After this and an extra impressive title sequence set to an amazing Sam Smith song, we get to the grind of this movie. Spectre sees Bond subverting orders from MI6, which is actually now just absorbed into the British Government’s intelligence agency, to find out what exactly the organization known as “Spectre” is.

While this movie has great action set pieces, they seem too few and far between one another.

While the action is satisfying, it

is cut with a series of drawn out and predictable beats that sees Bond getting information, looking for it, struggling and then uncovering the information to lead him to the next plot point.

The way that the movie carries on is disappointing with the amazing characters they have to work with.

Also, despite the movie being somewhat predictable, it is very convoluted.

The main villain in this movie played by Christoph Waltz has a very interesting back-story that had a lot of potential.

Unfortunately it seemed the movie just threw out an amazing

intellectual and emotional battle with Bond and his latest foe for a foggy set of uninteresting motivations for the villain and his organization.

While it is not as good as its predecessor, “Skyfall,” “Spectre” is a good time especially if you are a fan of James Bond as this movie has no shortage of nods and winks to the many “Bond Tropes” from dialogue to various set pieces.

If you have never seen a Bond movie before, do not start here as many story elements have connections all the way back to “Casino Royale.”

However, overall this was an enjoyable Bond film.


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