‘Til it Happens to You’ exposes issue on rape

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That is the word almost everyone hates to say, write or even think about. Even though we know very well that it exists and more often than it should, people hate to talk about it.

Luckily, dare I say it, the world has voices like Lady Gaga and images like “Til it Happens to You,” to throw it in our faces so we can finally get the courage to change it.

I am not going to insult any survivors out there by pretending that I fully understand what mental state he or she is in after a crime like that. Just like it says in the chorus, “until it happens to you, you don’t know how it feels.”

What I will say is we should commemorate Gaga by putting something like this into illustrating this epidemic as vibrantly and beautifully as she did into a mainstream music video.

But why is this video the first one getting as much publicity as it did? The serious issue with rape both on and off campuses, is not new. Unfortunately, the amount of awareness that it is getting is new.

We should not have to wait for someone as famous as Lady Gaga to make an issue like rape as visually hard-hitting as this, before we even begin to acknowledge how much a problem rape is.

To be completely honest, having so much as to type out the word “rape” in this article as many times as I am makes me physically ill and I am not sure whether or not that is a good thing.

To prove a point, Lady Gaga did not do this by herself. This was collaborated by the same person who created “Hunting Ground,” which as what I can remember, only a fraction of the student body went to see when it aired in the Taylor Auditorium back in October.

I am not trying to scold anyone who was not aware of “Hunting Ground” before this music video. I would like to stress that this should be a conversation starter, not the whole conversation.


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