Winter courses should be longer, worth more

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students are not given the luxury of time that is usually allotted for each course. In 10 days, students learn the same amount of information that would normally be taught over a 10 week course. In my experience, this creates a rushed atmosphere, which adds pressure in finishing everything.

A simple way to relieve some of the pressure that comes with the shortened term, would be to add an extra week. By adding another week, it would allow both the instructors and students to slow down and process the information. This would lead to a more enhanced understanding of the course rather just knowing enough information to get through the class.

Another downside, is each course is only worth two credits. Considering students spend close to the same number of hours during winter term as they are during regular semesters, it seems more reasonable for winter courses to be worth four credits.

A benefit is you only need to remember the material from the past four days of class for the midterm. Still, I think it would be more beneficial for students if winter term was at least a week longer and worth more than two credits.


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