BoxerMobile app: Needs improvement

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Recently, Pacific University Student Senate released an app to Google Play and the Apple Store.

Since the BoxerMobile app cost upwards of multiple thousands of dollars, I was expecting a lot more than what was produced.

BoxerMobile was derived from the most common parts of the Pacific University website.

The app is relatively user friendly, but has some kinks still as the app is no more than a few weeks old.

The home page consists of a search bar and a number of sub sections or icons that take the user to various topics, such as the University’s Calendar, News and Athletics.

App users may customize the layout of the app so their most used icons appear in an order that best fits the user’s needs.

Many students, including myself, would love to see a Moodle portion of the app.

Student Senate and the app developers are currently working to make that a reality.

The app, in my opinion, lacks sophistication and resembles the mobile website almost identically.

I wish the app took a more intricate approach because the user interface is somewhat mundane.

The most enjoyable part of the app for me is the dining portion. This part of the app is quite unique and lets students see what “The Grove” will be serving each meal.

The programing behind the dining icon is sluggish.

When the user clicks on the dining icon the app loads an external webpage that displays the content.

My only criticism for the dining portion is to create a page within the app so there is no need for an external webpage.

Although the app is useful, I find myself gravitating toward the mobile website more often than the app itself.

That could be because I am used to the website, but the app lacks the luster and gusto I enjoy.

The app is a massive step for Pacific’s technology and in time, I am sure the app will gain more users and will undergo many updates.


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