Movie review: ‘Deadpool’ exceeds genre expectation

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“Deadpool,” Now that’s a f*ckin franchise.

Deadpool is the latest ode in the overpopulated “superhero” genre. However, this rated R blockbuster low budget and humor film, set it far apart from its contemporaries.

“Deadpool” is the story of Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds).

Wilson is the merc with a mouth and when he is diagnosed with late stage cancer in his liver, lungs and prostate, he joins the weapon X program to try to stop his cancer.

The procedures mutate him and give him a super regenerative ability and also knowledge that he is in fact, in a movie that we are watching.

He is well known for his ability to break the fourth wall and address the audience directly and the movie does not hold back in using this to its advantage.

“Deadpool” takes jabs at previous movie adaptation of his character and other roles that Ryan Reynolds has taken.

When Deadpool’s roommate, blind Al (an old blind black woman), tells him that looks do not matter, Deadpool replies, “You think Ryan Reynolds got this far on his superior acting method?”

What made this movie so great was the way that it came about and the freedoms that the creators had in making this rated R movie.

Reynolds has been trying to make this movie for 11 years and when test footage for the film leaked on to the Internet in 2013, fans went crazy and Fox finally greenlit the movie.

While the movie had a $53 million budget (which is very small for a movie of this kind), there was almost no oversight from the studio. So the writers and directors had free reign to make a proper adaptation and that is exactly what they did.

“Deadpool” is a great action romantic comedy and is definitely worth seeing. Just make sure you do a little research in the character first so that you enjoy all the references.

As always stay until after the credits, you will not be disappointed.


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