Student explains meaning of being a Pacific “Boxer”

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When I first came to Pacific University it wasn’t what I thought college would be. I was used to seeing college campuses that were a couple blocks long and filled with thousands of students each day.

Over the course of my time at Pacific I have developed a love/hate relationship with the school, mainly having to do with the size of the university. Like many, sometimes I feel like there is nothing to do in the Grove on the weekends, but during my time

here I have met some of the most genuine people at this university. It was moments like these in which established what being a Boxer actually means.

Although we are a small community, we find it necessary to make sure that everyone enjoys their time spent here. Whether it be fun a night on the town or a hard night studying, we have built a strong community that not only carries over from the various athletes on campus, but also through the clubs and groups that make students feel welcome every day.

Unlike many large college campuses, the

professors and advisers care about the well-being of their students and advisees here at Pacific. Students greet other students around campus in a welcoming manner, even if a student didn’t know the other person.

Our university pushes students to be accepting of everyone’s background, which creates a sense of empathy among the faculty and student body. Committing to being a Boxer is committing to developing a strong communal bond and developing an interest in the betterment of the university as a whole.


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