Student provides spring break options

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Spring break is just around the corner at Pacific University and some students have already made plans for their week of vacation. Some travel statewide or go home to spend time with their families.

Although, for many spring athletes or students without prior spring break plans, they will be spending their vacation in Forest Grove.

While the absence of students on campus creates an eerie feeling, there are still a lot of fun things to do in Forest Grove as well as cities near by (if you have a way of transportation).

If you are in the mood for an outdoor adventure, there are many great trails along Gales Creek in the Tillamook Forest which brings the refreshing sound of running water and a various number of Oregon’s beautiful trees.

A local favorite spot is Jones Creek, a campground going towards Tillamook.

There is also the Tillamook Cheese Factory and cities near the Oregon Coast like Seaside and Pacific City.

Downtown Forest Grove has also added some new restaurants and students should visit there because the University Center will be closed for the break.

I encourage students to enjoy the originality of local restaurants that “The Grove” has to offer. A personal favorite of mine is the 22nd Street Café for breakfast or lunch.

If you are over 21, another favorite is BalladTown Billiards, where you can play pool, listen to live music and hangout with friends.

A favorite for both community members and university students, is Waltz Brewery.Which is usually always packed on the weekends.

Truth is, spending spring break in Forest Grove is only dull if you makes it dull. This may not be Portland, but there are things to do downtown and nearby if an effort is made.

Yet, if all plans fail, take a walk and explore the home of Pacific University.

Take a walk or bike ride to B-Street, Hagg Lake, Fernhill Wetlands or Thatcher Park.


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