Student reviews new Kama’aina Comfort Foods of Hawaii restaurant

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Side by side, the Hawaii and Oregon flags adorn the walls making everyone feel immediately welcomed.

The wooden architecture and Chihuly glass chandelier are obviously modern, yet customers can expect to experience a laid back vibe distinct to the Hawaiian community.

Having opened just four weeks ago, Kama’aina Comfort Foods of Hawaii has already made a favorable impression on the Forest Grove community.

The wet bar is one of the favorites. This spot is a perfect Friday night hang out place for college students and is a quaint Sunday lunch spot for family’s.

Once the rain decides to take a backseat and allow the sunshine pour in, the outdoor seating will be the prime location to have lunch or dinner with your special someone. Not to mention, their tremendous staff wants you to have the best experience possible. The servers check on their tables and make sure their guests are doing okay and like their meals.

Eating out is tough when you’re a struggling college student, but not at Kama’aina. You can expect to pay about $25 for two people, or just a little more if you want to splurge on an appetizer or dessert.

Ifyou’reworriedaboutgettingyourmoney’s worth, that won’t be a problem. I ordered the garlic shrimp. This entrée was more than enough for me to eat. The portion was so big that I had to take home leftovers.

On my plate was a volcano of rice and the macaroni salad gave way to a valley of overflowing, perfectly grilled shellfish. The experience gave a mainlander like myself a true taste of what it’s like to eat in Hawaii.

Once again, from my own experience, the proportions are big enough to save some for later if you’re studying and craving a midnight snack. If this is your first time hearing about Kama’aina, it won’t be the last.

The restaurant is seeking to add a live music feature in the next few months.

Which, according to a recent social media post, Kama’aina Comfort Foods of Hawaii is featuring Roots Knight, a reggae music band, Saturday night March 12, 9-11 p.m., but this event is only for those who are 21 and over.

Kama’aina is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

If students are craving local foods from Hawaii, I highly recommend Kama’aina.

You will experience local foods and get the aloha spirit from the employees, which is what Hawaii is known for.


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