Self-claimed coffee addict depends on caffeine daily

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The majority of college students are overwhelmed with schoolwork, sports and extra-curricular activities.

After being in class all day then going to practice for three hours and staying up for twelve more to work on a paper that could probably (definitely) have been started earlier, the light at the end of the tunnel looks a lot like a mug filled to the brim with freshly roasted coffee.

If I don’t get my grande white chocolate mocha with whip every Tuesday and Thursday before I sit through an hour and a half of Constitutional Law, my day sucks.

Am I addicted to coffee? Yes. Should I be concerned? Let’s take a look.

Personally, when I go through a long period of time without caffeine, I get splitting headaches that last all day.

One of my roommates has to have at least one cup of coffee and two cups of tea a day or she gets cramps, nausea and even migraines.

Even though there are obvious drawbacks, I keep telling myself that the benefits outweigh the consequences. It makes me feel more alert and some recent studies show that it could even combat diseases like liver cancer and Type II Diabetes.

One of the main reasons college students (and especially the Pacific campus) are so coffee-obsessed is because it is so easy to obtain it. I can opt to buy my own coffee maker and coffee or I can wake up ten minutes early and use my declining balance for a cup at Starbucks.

Coffee shops have also become a go-to place for studying and as college students, we all know that nothing goes better with studying than a 16 ounce cup of black gold. And if we’re being honest, it doesn’t taste so bad either.


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