Student analyzes ‘The Noise’ mystery

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The mystery of the strange noise in Forest Grove has left many members of the community wondering what it is.

The eerie screech has added to the anomaly of the small Oregon town, leaving us with the question, what actually is “the noise?”

After spending the last week researching the topic, I have discovered multiple theories including extra-terrestrial life, a form of radio frequency or some sort of natural noise coming from the sky.

Imagine that, aliens at Pacific University! Only in Forest Grove, right?

There are some that believe that it is some sort of natural sound coming from the sky because of a similar incident that was reported in the town of Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

However, the sound from Fair Lawn was more of a booming sound whereas the Forest Grove sound is more of a screeching sound.

After talking to local members of the community, many of them assume that it is just a prank. While I would love for it to actually be some sort of extra-terrestrial life form, my skepticism outweighs my optimism and personally believe that it is indeed a prank.

With technology today, it is easy to obtain a sound box or download sounds off of the internet. This technology combined with a big enough amplifier gives you the ability to create a sound that most of the town can hear. Hence, the mysterious Forest Grove noise.

If it is a bunch of pranksters, then I commend them.

They have gained the attention of many news outlets across the nation such as ABC news and the Washington Post. Everybody wants to know what “the noise” is.

My word is not the final verdict, but I think “the noise” is caused by Forest Grove pranksters wanting to have a good laugh. My guess, seniors planned this as a senior prank.

If you have your own theory of what the mysterious sound is, feel free to share. I would love to hear more about this intriguing topic.


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