Student examines journalism program

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Before transferring to Pacific University as a journalism major, I looked into as many different journalism programs as I could find.

I did not choose Pacific because I thought its program was necessarily better than the ones at other universities, but because it was the most reasonable choice for me personally.

While Pacific’s program is good for journalism students that are interested in being news writers or reporters, I think that it lacks opportunities for people that are interested in other forms such as fashion, entertainment or travel journalism.

The program could al so be improved by offering a magazine platform for students that are interested in writing for that medium. Students that want to write for magazine publications do not get the chance to pursue this through Pacific’s program the same way those that are interested in newspaper or broadcast writing do with The Pacific Index or Boxercast.

It may be the cost, the lack of demand or a combination of the two that has prevented Pacific from adding more student-run platforms. Regardless of the reason, I think that journalism students would benefit from being offered a larger variety in media platforms as well as being able to focus on the form of journalism that they are most interested in.

This would allow students to gain a wider variety of experience that would better prepare them for a job in the journalism field.  I do believe what I am learning at Pacific is valuable and will be useful when I enter the job field even though I am not an aspiring news writer.

However, I think that improvements could be made to the program that would help better prepare students who are pursuing journalism careers other than becoming a news reporter or writing for a newspaper.


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