Editor defends current legislation on smoking age

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Over the last four decades the number of people smoking cigarettes has decreased immensely. In fact many teenagers in the modern era have looked down upon smoking cigarettes, which at one point was point was very popular among that age bracket.Some states still view smoking cigarettes as a large problem among teenagers.

For example, the state of California wants to increase the smoking age to 21. While I don’t condone smoking cigarettes because of the poor effects it has on one’s health, I feel that increasing the smoking takes away a person’s rightto be an adult. By law, when a person turns 18, they become an adult. So if that is true than why shouldn’t they be aloud to smoke a cigarette. It’s like the old seventies motto goes.

“If I am old enough to serve my country, I should be old enough to drink a beer.” This point is valid among smoking cigarettes. The people who advocate for the age increase are the same people who find that smoking is bad for your health. This is true, but what is the difference between 18 and 21? What, three years? Oh yes, those three years are really going to save the longevity of someone’s life.

Even if you change the age limit, someone who wants to smoke will just do it in another three years or they’ll just find another person of age to buy them.In all consideration, everyone has an individual life.What they choose to do with their life is their decision, and shouldn’t be limited by a law that won’t benefit their health because if a person has a desire to do something they are going to be inclined to do it.

Who is to say that a person who is considered an adult cannot legally smoke a cigarette. The entire concept of the law is preposterous.

After all, shouldn’t everyone have the freedom to express themselves regardless of the manner in which they do it?


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