Safety concerns arise from Pokémon GO

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Nowadays, it’s fairly normal to see people walking around with their faces glued to their phones.

Before, it was presumed that these people were texting, instagramming, facebooking or tweeting. But now there’s another reason people will be fixated on their mobile devices: Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO was developed by Niantic and is a location based app that allows its users to capture, train, and battle their Pokemon with friends and foes.

Our campus is sprinkled with Pokestops including Strain Science Center, Walter, Mac, Trombley, and Old College Hall. There are even a few gyms located at the Stoller Center and Taylor Meade.

While building your Pokedex and hatching eggs can be fun, there are some security and etiquette concerns that accompany the popular game.

First of all, listen to what the loading screen says and stay aware of your surroundings. Nobody wants to spill $5 coffee all over their brand new back-to-school outfit.

Another tip to keep in mind is to be wary of hunting near lures late at night there have been reports of people being robbed or even killed while playing in the dark.

Lastly, DON’T POKEMON GO AND DRIVE! It’s tempting to want to add some kilometers to your eggs every time you go out, but the risk is not worth it.

Ask a friend to tag along and ride shotgun to make sure there is never a missed opportunity to pick up a Snorlax or Porygon.

Expect Pokémon GO to make a big impact on campus and play responsibly.


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