Pacific Parking

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Whether you live on campus or off campus at some point during your time at Pacific University, chances are you will be effected by parking.

Take off-campus living for example, you probably have to park in the lots near Stoller Center or Cannery if you are taking classes at peak hours.

But is parking really an excuse to be late? Trust me, I know how important those five extra minutes of sleep are, but on a real note, the parking lots are not the issue.

Leave for school five minutes earlier. The university has added 38 parking spots to the Jefferson lot and will continue to add parking but for some, that is still not enough.

On the other hand, there will always be the person that parks their motorcycle in front of Marsh Hall because they are late to class.

Thankfully, that provides us with a good laugh for the day. When looking at all the complaints about parking, I feel it is important to note that it is not just the lack of parking spots, but the time at which off campus students leave for school.

Not to mention the unwillingness to park in the Cannery Lot.

In reality, it is a shorter distance to walk to main campus from the Cannery lot than it is from the back of Stoller. Being an off campus student myself, I have complained a fair amount about parking but realistically there is no reason to.

Park at Cannery lot if you cannot do without the extra five minutes of sleep.

In time, you will start to figure out that it was not the parking spaces that made you late.


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