Student dicusses off campus coffee choices

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Ahh, Coffee. We love it, we want it, we need it, but where is the best place in Forest Grove, to get it? Here at Pacific University, we’re fortunate enough to be in close proximity to some great coffee shops, such as Starbucks, Dutch Bros, Maggie’s Buns, and Coffeehouse in the Grove. To really deem one the best, we need to look at a few extremely important factors; location, atmosphere, decor, staff, quality, and most crucial to the average college student, cost. Starbucks is definitely a convenient place to get your morning boost. It is located right inside the University Center and you are able to charge your purchase to your boxer card’s declining balance. Although it can be a bit pricey, if you’re a Starbucks rewards member, it can really pay off.

Starbucks is usually pretty busy with the hustle and bustle of students coming in and out to get their fix before classes, but you can find times where it’s a bit slower. Many use it as a place to study or socialize with friends. We all have our Starbuck’s “usuals.” It’s also cool, since Starbucks is located on campus, that students are able to work there, and customers can see the friendly face of one of their peers or have a conversation with them while waiting for their coffee.If you’re really needing that caffeine in the morning, in copious amounts, Dutch Bros may be the place to go.

Just a short walk from campus, Dutch Bros can provide you with a sweet treat, in a size larger than other coffee shops, to really wake you up. I say this because at Dutch Bros, a medium is 20 oz, the size of a venti at Starbucks, and sweet because from what I’ve tried, it is pretty sugary. However, I’m sure you can get just plain coffee or lattes without all of the sweetness. Yes, it is a drive thru, but not to worry to those of you who don’t have a set of wheels, because you can totally stand in line with the cars and walk up to the order window. You may feel a little awkward your first time, but it’s actually very common.

The nice thing about Dutch Bros is that they work off of a token economy and incentivize people to buy their products by providing their customers with stamp cards. When you get a full stamp card, you get a free drink. Also, any first time customers gets a free drink as well. Dutch Bros prices are pretty similar to Starbucks, but you get a lot more bang for your buck as far as quantity.

Maggie’s Buns is a bit different from Starbucks and Dutch Bros in the sense that it is not just a coffee shop. Maggie’s is a small cafe where you can sit down in a pleasant and colorful environment.

They are famous for their humongous and sweet cinnamon buns, which I recommend sharing with multiple people. Maggie’s is a very short walk from campus, right across from Marsh lawn.

It is popular, they have good coffee, and their prices are unbeatable. Students also get a 10% discount! Now, there is one more coffee shop here in Forest Grove that many know and love, Coffeehouse In The Grove. It just recently re-opened under new management and some worry that it will not be the same shop as before and that the quality will change.

I guess we’ll have to see. Go check it out and see for yourself!I really enjoyed the experience of being able to explore my town and try all of these coffee shops.

Even if you already have a favorite, I urge you to go out and try all of them, you never know what you might find! If you don’t have a favorite yet, you’ve got a lot of great options to choose from.


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