UC food fails to meet student expectations

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The University Center, The Grove, or Washburn Hall, whatever you call it, the school cafeteria is widely known but perhaps not widely appreciated.

While many students enjoy eating at the UC and are grateful for what it has to offer there are students who dread eating at the UC.

There are wild rumors of worms crawling through people’s fish, raw chicken smothered in sauce, and undercooked pancakes.

Whether or not these rumors are true is up for debate…and perhaps the school’s health code.

A  sophomore who wished to remain anonymous said, “I want cleanlier situations for the salad bars because I [don’t] want there to be people [sneezing] on my salad. I’ve seen people do that.”

This source also said that “there needs to be better at separating foods…they [also] do not have a lactose free option.”

The cafeteria mixing foods people are allergic to is an issue that could result in serious illness.

“I went up to the pasta bar and they [said] ‘we have Alfredo and one other sauce.’ I didn’t want the other kind of sauce so I [said] ‘I’ll have the Alfredo sauce.’

“It wasn’t Alfredo sauce; it was clam sauce and I’m allergic to seafood! I got really sick.”

Alerting the workers of what they are serving and properly labeling the food could solve this dangerous issue.

Freshman Kristen Tangen said the best part of her experience at the UC “would have to be the little pastries that they serve. I really enjoy having those… I enjoy the tea too, that’s pretty good… They have like a dispenser of iced tea now.”

When asked if the food at the UC was accurately represented during Pacesetters, she agreed the quality and taste were the same, but, “it looked more appealing [at Pacesetters] because I was really excited about everything.”

After the food is eaten by hungry students and staff where does it go?

While it is composted and properly separated there is, of course, more that could be done!

Sophomore Langston Engle said “I think that they should find a way to utilize the food that goes to waste and set up some sort of system where it could go to the homeless or be used in another positive way.”

Sophomore Milo Price added that a positive choice would be to collect “the wasted food and give it to homeless animals.”

While there are opportunities for improvement at the UC, one thing that should not change is the positive environment and friendly demeanor of the staff.

The anonymous sophomore said, “it’s a great place to meet friends. Everyone is always meeting up there with each other.”

Every time one walks into the UC they are greeted by the smells of hot food, the sounds of laughter and many smiling faces.


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