Music and technology:

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The usage of technology in modern music is not uncommon. To create songs, many popular artists use things like drum machines instead of recorded music, like an electric guitar or drum set.

It is no longer a requirement to play a musical instrument in order to be considered a musician. Although creating music from machines with pre-recorded sound effects takes significantly less talent than learning to play an instrument, the end product could still be considered music.

Technically, music is just an ordered selection of tones or sounds. A musician is anyone who creates music. Therefore, any person that can create music, no matter the instrument used to create it, can qualify as a musician.

Personally I am far more of a fan of guitar-driven music. I play some instruments myself and definitely appreciate the time and effort put into learning how to play. Playing an instrument takes considerably more skill than making music with a computer, but regardless, it is still a skill.

Whether or not technology driven music is appealing to one’s senses does not determine its qualification as a real piece of music. A song that includes nothing but a music sampler and a drum machine is preferred by some people, while a song consisting of an acoustic guitar, a drum set and a vocalist with no added electronic effects is preferred by others.

Music doesn’t have to just be electronic effects or human-played instruments. Using technology and sound effects as well as traditional instruments in music can add a positive aspect of variety to a song. Technology widens the opportunities of musicians to create unique material.

Music is improving and changing constantly with a widening selection of genres and styles to choose from. New additions to music, such as technology, are almost necessary to continue being original as a musician. Technology is the most recent instrument of musical creation, so there are still many ways it can be used to make new music sound is unique.


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