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Chances are that you have made this infamous statement, “There is nothing to do in Forest Grove.” Compared to the urban bar scene Portland has to offer, this could be seen as true, but there are many local spots where Pacific University students can enjoy the homey night life of Forest Grove.

Ballad Town Billiards has become a classic for most students who want a laid back experience. A night full of an assortment of drinks along with playing some pool or throwing darts.

The bartenders are friendly and have a variety of beers on tap as well as bottled.

Live music is usually provided so if you’re interested in some whiskey blues or some good old rock and roll, Billiards might be the spot for you.

Although be prepared to show your ID because if you’re a student you will be hounded as soon as you step in the door. If a club scene is more of your taste, than try Diamond Palace, because nothing screams dive bar like getting down in a garage with a dance floor.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the bar has a DJ that plays a variety from your favorite Electric Dance Music hits to some Old school thug rap. The bar has a wider selection of mixed drinks than Billiards, while I found the Ballad Town has a better variety of beer. The venue also has pool tables as well as shuffle board, but good luck getting a table because the locals usually have them taken.

For those who do not want a hectic night life experience, Forest is home to both Waltz Brewery and Bull Run Cider.

Both settings are great place to grab a drink with a close friend or a significant other without all of the clutter of drunk college students.

Waltz is a family owned brewery whose intent is to maintain family value while having a taste of their different home brews.

If beer doesn’t work for you, Bull Run Cider has some of the best hard cider in the Pacific Northwest. It was even featured in Mix Magazine’s favorite six cider companies in the state of Oregon.

Forest Grove may not be much compared to the mighty nightlife of Portland, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go out and have a good time. Quit complaining, grab a drink and embrace the small town environment because the location isn’t as important as the people you share it with.


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