Political correctness:

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The political correctness movement has begun to soar, especially on liberal campuses such as our own. Political correctness is the belief that certain words or actions that could possibly offend political sensibilities should be eradicated. It is the avoidance of forms of words or actions that may marginalize or offend certain groups of people who are discriminated against. It is often considered to be taken to the extremes.

Is this movement infringing upon our right to freedom of speech?

Senior, Thomas Radke, thinks not, “I think freedom of speech has been violated only in the fringiest of cases. One professor somewhere gets fired for not advocating the use of neutral pronouns or something, after a long history of uninformed dissent. Oh no! Truly, a great mind has been lost to the ears of our youth. Overall, I find the term a misdiagnosis, or worse, a dangerous and smothering blanket. ”Why is this term considered to be so extreme then? Is it true that those who are politically correct are simply overreacting? Or is it that those who are against the politically correct movement are using the termto strike it down” Radke said, “The people who cry out in regards to PC culture gone awry are many of the same as those who think attempts at diversity and inclusivity are offensive aberrations. The bed fellows kept by these devil’s advocates are people quite often with the least social experience, or poor practitioners of empathy, or victims of either groups’ lengthy diatribes,” Radke said.

“Right-wingers have been searching for ages for a term that condemns LGBT, civil rights groups, women and modern youth all at the same time. And by God they’ve found it [through the term ‘politically correct’].

They’ve popularized it so hard a semimoderate, even semi-liberals have their priorities hijacked,” Radke said.

Our campus is a liberal one concerned with making sure all people, regardless of race, sex, gender, and so on, are included and are considered equal Radke put it quite eloquently when he said, “I find liberal ideology to overwhelmingly endorse peace and empathy.

Before anything else the people I trust the most endorse [it] with much of their hearts.”The political correctness movement is all about making sure everyone is equal and safe, whether or not the movement is taken too far is up to you


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