Fad delivers horror to students

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Whether it is killer clowns from another galaxy or Pennywise, clowns have been sighted in different states around the country.

The killer clown epidemic is largely sensationalized. There are sightings of people dressed as killer clowns, and some creepy clowns have tried to lure kids into the woods, but no one has been hurt in these particular incidents.

The people donning the killer clown costumes are most likely looking for attention.

Youtube is a possible playground to take these antics in hopes for that viral video. These sightings and how they ramped up are also in time for Halloween.

Killer clowns have not invaded our northern neighbors. Reports of clowns on a killing spree in Canada are fabricated. One such report was issued by The Global Sun, a satire and parody digital publication.

Personally, I think the killer clowns are ridiculous and not worth my time, not even as a Halloween interest. I do not hate clowns.

There are some awesome clowns like Dr. Rockzo the rock ‘n’ roll clown, a cocaine loving parody of David Lee Roth. Pennywise is a good horror movie clown wwfrom the dark mind of Stephen King and Bozo the Clown who was on WGN in the mornings back in the 1980s. These clowns are causing problems for people who have personas

as clowns.
According to Time magazine,

there are consequences being seen from these clowns. People who have personas as clowns are experiencing real fears. They are afraid to leave their houses dressed as the clowns they created for fun.

Jordan Jones, a part-time clown from Pennsylvania has started Clown Lives Matter to bring awareness to the fact that not all clowns are the creepers who are luring children or pranking people. There is a real concern that innocent clowns could be assaulted or worse due to these pranksters.

Cumbria is a county is North West England and in this county a man dressed as Batman has appeared and has promised to chase off the creepy clowns.

If there is one good thing that has come out of this ridiculousness it is having a Batman ghting clowns.

It really is stranger than ction. The man dressed as Batman has made some positive change in trying to reassure children that he is out there and protecting them.

My own nephew, who was scared of the killer clown reports found some ease when he was shown the Batman story. In the end this is a ridiculous fad and it needs to stop. Students like the ones at Penn State going clown hunting are only going to make things worse.

Ignore them and they will go away. If there is no attention paid then the attention hungry have less incentive to continue their pranks.


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