Pacific Rape Culture

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Over the past few weeks Paci c University athletic programs have come under re as being part of a rape culture.

This was after news broke in early October that a former student athlete had been charged with one count of rape and three counts of sodomy as well as the rape lawsuit Paci c dealt with this past year.

KGW, a local news station, interviewed a student on Paci c’s campus claiming the athletic program had a rape culture.

She claimed that athletes “talked about it in the locker rooms.”

My question for this student is, have you ever had a conversation with an athlete?

Many of them are actually respectful human beings who are being scrutinized for the actions of a few. I want to make this clear. In no form am I defending rape or any sexual misconduct but rather the athletes who treat others with respect and don’t deserve being a part of this so called “rape culture.”

I must admit that I have my own bias in this conversation, as I am an athlete here at Paci c.

Being raised in a household where chivalry and respect was demanded of me, I nd these generalizations extremely disrespectful and unnecessary.

Pacific thrives on the idea of being diverse and accepting everyone.

Therefore, I don’t make assumptions about people in the arts department or the science department, the length of someone’s hair, color of skin, or sexual orientation.

Leaving me with this question: why are everyone’s personal rights protected against ignorant generalizations except for athletes?

However, I don’t completely blame the student, as it is hard to conduct reasonable thoughts when a camera and a reporter is shoved in your face.

I am more appalled by the hatchet job that was delivered by KGW on the matter.

The news station made it seem as if rape was a product of the football team.

They failed to get a statement from any of the coaches and didn’t discuss the sexual assault awareness course the players attend at the beginning of the season.

My message to KGW is get both sides of the story before you trash a program.

It is unfortunate that the entire football team has to suffer because of the actions of one individual and a news station that wants to twist a story around in order to turn the football team as well as athletes in general, into villains.

I believe that every person on this campus deserves respect.

It is an absolute tragedy what happened to the victim of this case and many other cases.

I want to see justice for these crimes as much as the next person, but crucifying the athletic program is not a justi able means to an end.


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