Student claims Pacific has a safe campus environment, few issues

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As a student of a liberal arts university, it is hard to imagine that people could be insensitive to other people’s ethnic backgrounds.

Being a junior at Paci c University, I can say that I have not witnessed, encountered, or been a part of any sexist or racist attacks, comments, or issues during my tenure at Paci c.

The culture on campus is a culmination of people that can express themselves in the way they feel comfortable. If someone does something seemingly racist or sexist, the general student body could ostracize him or her.

The general consensus of the students center around freedom of expression so it is hard to believe that racism or sexism is something prominent on campus.

Although it isn’t race or gender related at all, this school does seem to have identi able cliques. The athletic teams hangout with each other, and just about every culture or ethnicity sticks to their clique as well.

There doesn’t appear to be much hate or dislike in Paci c’s atmosphere. As students we are accustomed to what and whom we hung out with before we arrived here and it draws us into who we associate with now.

For athletes, there is a built in friendship with your teammates and that resonates through the years in college. It is hard to imagine not being with your teammates everyday and this adds to

the generalized cliques on campus.
This campus doesn’t appear to have much racism or sexism and it seems that

because our culture is so relaxed and accepting that there are not too many issues. However just because I feel it doesn’t seem like we have these issues, does not mean these issues aren’t happening. These are real world issues and they have

ways of rearing their ugly faces into the Paci c community.


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