Student weighs in on controversial presidential debate

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If you missed out on the last three debates, you missed quite a bit. You missed a handful of impressive comebacks, a lot of yelling and even more animosity. You missed out on all the talk about walls, corruption, and Ken Bone. However, behind the ghting, snide remarks, the debates revealed something incredible about the upcoming election.

It matters. It matters much more than the

media has made it out to be. There is a hole in the Supreme Court that needs to be lled. Whoever lls that hole will largely determine the progress of this country on important issues like women’s health, gun rights and campaign contributions. This is important because this country’s economy is in a fragile state.

National security is a huge issue with problems continuing to escalate in the Middle East and Russia. Foreign Policy will determine how we interact with the rest of the world and because these candidates are so polarized on countless issues. Whoever becomes the

new Commander in Chief will largely determine the course of action the country takes on foreign policy.

This election isn’t just between Democrats and Republicans, deleted emails and locker room talk, career politicians and new kids on the block, or Hillary and Trump. This election is about this country and the course that it will take over the next four years. The only way to ensure that the next four years is positive, is for all of us to get out, get informed and pick the individual that will lead our country in the right direction.


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