POD not in need of healthier options

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The Provisions on Demand (POD) in the University Center is no doubt an awesome commodity to have on campus. The easy access to quick snacks and drinks and sometimes a small lunch is a blessing. But is the food and drink in stock there too unhealthy? There is no doubt the POD has its share of unhealthy snacks, drinks and desserts, but what about the healthy choices? It has some sandwiches and water and protein bars but those items are heavily outnumbered by the choices of candy, soda, ice cream, crackers, chips and so on. Recently, I have heard of some people with complaints asking for healthier choices attheir disposal and they have a fair argument. There is a plethora of sodas to choose from, but the healthier drinks and snacks are kept to a minimum it seems. do not think that the POD should go and do a complete overhaul and get rid of all soda and chips in there and replace it all with fancy waters and kale, but they should add more options. However if students want the POD to get rid of all the soda, energy drinks and chips because its unhealthy you have to think about other people. know it may be unpopular to think that others enjoy some chips or soda here and there. Not to mention, late night POD runs to get ice cream were basically the highlight of my school year last year. People can’t have the freedom of ice cream taken away, that is savagery. It may, however, be beneficial for students to if there is unhealthy food in the POD just don’t buy it. Find what will satisfy that craving and get it. Yes, the POD needs more healthy options but that should not mean that it gets rid of everything some people view as unhealthy. Others can enjoy that unhealthy food and be content with their life.


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