Student pushes for laundry etiquette

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Your laundry is tumbling away in the washing machines, being cleansed by soap and water. You set an alarm on your phone for 45 minutes so as not to be late. You would hate to be that person who leaves their clothes in too long, forcing others to decide whether or not it’s ethical to move them. Time goes by and your alarm goes off, you mosey on down to the laundry room only to find a soggy pile of your clothing plopped on the machine, or worse: the floor. You sigh and open up another laundry machine, yours now occupied by new clothing that are being washed. You push the mound of now filthy clothing into a machine for the second time and frown. Why would anyone do such a thing? You were only a minute or two late! There were plenty of dryers open, couldn’t they just put them in there and leave a note?         
If there are wet clothes in a washing machine, either it is common
courtesy to leave them there or at least putthem in a dryer. By dropping the wet clothes on the machine, floor, or nearby table , you’re only leaving them there to rot. 
Wet clothing and Oregon are not a good mix. If this happened to you, chances are you would not be very happy. No one likes feeling as if their personal items have been violated, especially when they were just running a few minutes late. If there are dry clothes in a dryer either leave them there or put 
them in a nice pile on a clean surface nearby. Don’t just drop them on the 
nearest open surface. 
When you leave freshly washed and dried clothes in any form besides folded, they develop wrinkles and will require more effort to look presentable. If someone who is doing their laundry for an important event rushes downstairs and sees their pile of best business professional clothes  i n  a wrinkled mess, it adds extra stress to their daily life because now they are forced to iron their clothes. Granted, you could argue that they should have been paying closer attention, but we all know what it’s like to get caught up in studying or a Netflix binge. Imagine how poorly it would reflect on you  if someone walked in on you tossing someone else’s clothes on the floor like a heartless monster. Other student’s lives are hectic too, give them a chance! Thinking your laundry is first and 
foremost the most important thing is 
selfish. My freshman year, my roommate and I needed a dryer so we took the clothes that had been left in there for over half an hour and folded them, leaving them in a neat pile on a nearby table. The student who left them there thanked us and apologized for being 
Everyone felt great: the girl with her clean and folded clothing and us for doing a nice thing.   Try to plan your laundry on a day time when most people are probably busy. Weekday mornings are a good bet if you have the time, but if not, make it!

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