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Dear Ron,

My roommates feel we should switch off each week doing the dishes. The issue I am having with the situation is that they create more dishes during my week and expect me to clean them. I feel like everyone should do their own dishes. What is the best way to distribute dish duty when living with other people?


Dear student,
There is a right way to do things and a wrong way. I believe you and your roommates should handle this the fair way. Everybody does their own dishes. Nobody likes that jerk who piles up his dishes without cleaning them. With that being said, you need to be on top of your dishwashing game. Stand up to your roommates and state your indifference toward the current dish washing system. Being taken advantage of will be a reoccurring issue in your life if you do not learn to stand up for yourself. It is unfortunate that our natural inclination is to be lazy but people will do anything to make their life easier, even if it means screwing over others. If  your roommates cannot understand why their actions are inappropriate, then it is their problem but you have to stand your ground. A person should not be held captive by other people’s dishes.

Sincerely, Ron


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