Ty’s top 25:

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10. American Idiot- Green Day
It is safe to say that Green Day was one of the 
biggest bands of the early 2000s. American Idiot has become one of the highest selling albums of all time, and the song has become one that almost every person knows. Charged with political lyrics and driving 
power chords, “American Idiot” was a middle finger 
to the mass media coverage of the war in the Middle 
East. It was the anthem of rebellion during the Bush 
presidency and Rolling Stone Magazine ranked it in the top 500 greatest songs of all time. 
9.  In Da Club- 50 Cent 
What do you get when you mix the sounds of 
an orchestra over a Dr. Dre beat? You get 50 Cent’s 2003 smash hit “In Da Club.” Even if you do not like 
rap music, you’ve probably bumped to this song. The song is pretty self explanatory, but the beat completely makes all three minutes of it great. Plus, it is always fun to try and imitate 50’s lisp. This song topped R. 
Kelly’s “Ignition Remix” on the charts for five straight 
weeks in 2003. 
8.  99 Problems- Jay Z
While other artists sang and rapped about issues 
with their significant others, Jay Z promptly reminded 
us that he has bigger problems than his love affairs. The 2004 hit depicted the criticism in which the artist received on his music as well as dealing with racial 
profiling. The hook of the song was taken from Ice-
T’s single of the same name. “99 Problems” has been remixed a couple of times including a version done with the rock band Linkin Park.
7.  Lose Yourself- Eminem
From the movie, 8 Mile, comes one of Eminem’s biggest hits “Lose Yourself.” Describing the struggles Eminem faced while being a young white rapper in Detroit, the song has become one of the most inspirational songs of the millennial generation. And it is hard not to get fired up when listening to one of the greatest rapper’s of all time tell you to chase your dreams and hold on to them. The song was nominated for a Grammy, and was also listed in Rolling Stone Magazine’s Top 500 songs of all time. 
6. Ms. Jackson- Outkast
Inspired by Andre 3000’s relationship with Erykah Badu and his relationship with her mother, Outkast entered the new millennium with one of the best jams of the 2000s. The song is about the struggle of going through divorce and break-ups between families over a simple yet extremely catchy beat. The song peaked at number one on the hip hop charts in 2000.
5. Crazy in Love- Beyonce
We could not have a top 25 without Beyonce. “Crazy In Love’ had everything you could love about a song with the perfect mixture of pop and hip-hop. Beyonce’s powerful voice with Jay Z’s lyrics made this song an instant classic. The song is supposedly about a romantic obsession. It peaked at number 1 on almost every major chart.
4.  Stan- Eminem
At number four, comes the dark and ominous “Stan” by Eminem. The song talks about the struggle the rapper faced involving obsessed fans. Eminem personifies himself as Stan telling the story of how people interpret his controversial lyrics to be true. Like “Lose Yourself,” Stan was also nominated in Rolling Stone Magazine’s Top 500 songs of all time. 
3.  Hey Ya- Outkast
“Hey Ya” was one of those songs that could change anyone’s mood to a happy one. Inspired by the Ramones, Outkast broadened the horizon of hip hop with this track. It was one of the most popular songs of the decade and proved once again the creativity of the group. 
2. Boulevard of Broken Dreams- Green Day
13 years later everyone likes to make fun of the melodramatic tone of this song, but “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” was  the most popular power ballads 
of the decade. The song describes the sadness of those who are forgotten by the rest of society. In decade where rock music had fallen out of mainstream popularity, Green Day brought it back through “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” The song peaked at number one on almost every major chart for its genre including Pop. 
1. Gold Digger- Kanye West
Nothing screams Kanye like rapping about women who just want to take your money. Jamie Foxx imitates Ray Charles’ “I got a Woman” in singing this famous hook, which has landed it at number one on my list. While I must admit I’m not the biggest Kanye fan, this song is one that you just can’t hate. The song landed number 20 on VH1’s Top 100 Songs of Hip Hop 
Kanye keeps a cool and collected flow over a great beat which will get anyone at the party singing along. Much like “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” “Gold Digger” found its way to the top of most Billboard charts for its genre, making it the best song of the 2000s.

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