Online dating:

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Everything is not always what it seems. Welcome to the concept of online dating. Just when we thought technology could not make us any lazier, we now use it to make romantic connections. While I am just as guilty as anyone for using services such as Tinder, I have made one colossal discovery during my tenure in college. It doesn’t work.

These websites are superficially constructed and involve people swiping left or right based on whether they find a certain person attractive.   Many may argue that these applications have sections where people can learn about each other, but in all honesty, how much can you learn about somebody in 150 words? The unfortunate truth is that most people don’t actually read the biographies on these websites. Using these devices are a way to avoid awkward first interactions with people or for those who are introverted. This is an understandable concern, but these experiences are valuable in order to build better social skills. Also, a good portion of people on these websites are not who they say they are.

Most are fake profiles made by various sex chat sites or people anonymously messing with others.  The biggest issue is that you don’t have any idea who you are talking to which makes you more susceptible to dangerous situations when meeting the person. When it comes to dating, stick to a more personal approach. Life’s greatest interactions involve overcoming the things we are afraid of and using online dating is only hindering your ability to do something as simple as personally communicating with another human being. I agree that it is hard, as I am an introvert myself, but it is very hard to develop a strong conversation through messaging. Technology is a great resource for quick communication and looking up facts on the internet but when it comes to romance it is better to go with the natural approach.


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