Pepsi ad misses the mark, sparks controversy

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After an extremely negative reaction from the internet, Pepsi has pulled the plug on its most recent commercial. Pepsi has openly stated their regret regarding their controversial commercial starring Kendall Jenner.

The Pepsi apology stated, “Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding. Clearly, we missed the mark.”

The commercial was uploaded to Youtube on April 4 and was immediately criticized and mocked on the internet for its insensitive depiction of the Black Lives Matter movement. The original post was taken down from Pepsi’s Youtube page, but Jenner’s personal Youtube account has left the video online.

The video on Jenner’s account has over 9 million views with more than 145,000 dislikes and only about 30,000 likes. This commercial is another example of big time celebrities trying to get exposure and grow revenue off of serious issues.

I do not believe Pepsi intended to intentionally disregard the seriousness of a civil rights movement. However, the video sensationalizes the important aspects of the Black Lives Matter movements, as Jenner nonchalantly walks through crowds of people seeming to be only concerned about showing off her own looks.

The commercial does not seem ill natured until the end when Jenner hands a Pepsi can to a policeman dressed in full riot gear, surrounded by other riot cops. After she hands the officer a Pepsi, the policeman smiles and it seems to magically solve everything. Serious issues cannot be solved by a peace offering of Pepsi. And Jenner has no sufficient life experience to deem herself an ambassador of peace in any sense.


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