Planned Parenthood

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Unfortunately, it is no surprise that hindering women’s reproductive rights are almost always in the spotlight and a topic of discussion in politics. President Donald Trump quietly signed a bill on April 20 that will roll back Planned Parenthood funding protection.

Dubbed a “major pro-life victory” by House Speaker Paul Ryan, the bill allows states to be more involved in the decision of Planned Parenthood and abortion funding. Although some states will not likely be affected by this change, conservative states will likely make access to abortions and other services provided by Planned Parenthood, extremely difficult or nearly impossible.

Not only is the funding protection of Planned Parenthood vital to perform safe abortions, but it is also important in providing a wide variety of other programs to help both women and men alike. Progams include counseling, screening for sexually transmitted diseases, and testing for HIV.

According to National Public Radio (NPR), STD testing makes up 43 percent of Planned Parenthood’s expenses, whereas abortions constitute a mere 3 percent of the current $305 million budget. Planned Parenthood is most certainly not a one trick pony. The upkeep and maintenance of an organization that helps 2.5 million men and women annually should not be compromised by ignorance of the misinformed.

Understanding that there is more to Planned Parenthood than abortions is the first step in addressing the lack of knowledge lawmakers and citizens alike may have. It is wrong to leave the fate of Planned Parenthood in the hands of state government and could cause serious harm to women across the country.

An important fact Trump seems to be overlooking, is with the decision to limit funding for safe abortions, women will find ways to receive abortions in unsafe and unsterile environments. If Trump sincerely cared about the health and well-being of women and families in the United States, he would enhance Planned Parenthood funding. The current administration should focus on being a level headed body of government before interjecting personal beliefs into something they have no business being in.


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