Editor comments on social media’s effect on body image

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Body image has been a reoccurring problem over the years, and even more so now that we have social media to put our exterior image on a platform. The fight to be what society deems attractive is an uphill battle. Most of us have become so goal oriented we tend to question whether our diets or supplements are healthy?

This is not to defend an unhealthy lifestyle of eating, but rather to show people they do not need to starve themselves in order to be attractive. First and foremost, people need to accept their body types. As unfortunate as it is, most of us cannot have perfectly proportioned bodies.

I myself, have a short stocky frame. Chances are I am never going to have a body like Cam Gigandet in “Never Back Down” and that is fine. Physical fitness should not be about appearance, but instead health. We are a generation obsessed with GNC supplements, which are complete scams.

There is no way to cheat nutrition. If you eat poorly you are not going to be healthy, despite the amphetamine-like supplement you take in the weight room. If you are a person who is trying to lose weight, do not starve yourself. If you are a person who typically eats 3000 calories in a day, try eating 2500 instead. Then, after a few weeks at 2500, move down to 2000 calories a day.

Social media has emphasized the idea of physical appearance and it makes us feel as though we need to have trim wastes or ripped abs right away. In reality, if you are not someone with a naturally low body fat content, it is not easy, but rushing to this goal is not healthy. Students should not be eating four stocks of asparagus for dinner and taking Hydroxycut to accomplish a lower body fat percentage.

Accepting your body type is important to healthy living and embracing what is necessary for the benefit of your physical fitness. It is always great to live a healthy and active lifestyle, however, our generation needs to remember there is a line between nutrition and self-harm for superficial reasons.


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