Apple’s technology progresses with new Face ID

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Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone X took social media by storm when it was announced on Sept. 12, receiving a wide array of reactions. However, nothing was as divisive as the replacement of the home button and Touch ID feature with Apple’s brilliantly named Face ID.

The Face ID is just as it sounds, instead of using your thumb print to unlock your phone, the iPhone X scans your face with what it calls the TrueDepth camera system. The TrueDepth system has eight different tools it uses to complete the facial recognition process including
the front camera, dot projector and an infrared camera.

Some critics have found it to be invasive, doubt its functionality and believe it could be insecure. However, from everything that Apple has disclosed this is a development we should really be excited about. For those who feel it is too invasive, I would simply say to look at how Apple has treated personal data in the past.

The most famous case of them protecting their user’s data was in 2015 when they refused to unlock an iPhone for the FBI that was used by the San Bernardino shooter. Apple fought hard against this probe and showed they truly believe in protecting your data from outside parties. Whether this new technology will be easy as Touch ID or not, the answer seems to be yes.

While it understandably feels shaky to trust this technology to work flawlessly, it actually looks to be an improvement from Touch ID. Apple stated with Touch ID there was a one in 50,000 chance that a random person could unlock your phone. With Face ID those odds go to one in a million. Face ID is also an active software that learns your facial features as they change.

Whether you wear your hair down, grow facial hair or put on glasses, your phone will be able to recognize you. The developers even worked with photographs and masks to ensure your identity could not be faked. That is why this software is so impressive. While it becomes more functional, it also becomes more secure. Now if Apple could only bring back the headphone jack.


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