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I am writing this email in response to the recent article published for Pacific Index newspaper featuring Interim Dean of Students, Sarah
Phillips. I would like to start by saying that I strongly and polite disagree with many of the statement written for this article. I am fully aware that some things mentioned are based on statistics and numbers, but other are covered by prejudice and looked upon from a bird’s eye perspective.

I believe that it is important for administrator, professors, and students to be open to acknowledging that not everyone is like us and we all have different experiences that make up who we are and therefore should be sensitive to others. It is important to simply pay attention and be aware of the feelings and behaviors of others in order to improve our relationships.

It was highlighted that Pacific University ranks high amongst other colleges in the area with more low income students, what should be
highlighted instead is the drive and determination those students have that have allowed them to be where they are. It is true when you
mention that low-income students are not as fortunate in having “safety buffers” for emergency situations, they may not have the support others may have, that is true. But I will pose the question of, what are you and the Administration doing to support those students? What resources are available? But most importantly, is what you are publishing encouraging these students or is it possibly hindering their moral? Stats will be stats, number will be numbers. What are we proactively doing to help those numbers change and improve? That’s what really should be in question.

I kindly invite you to practice to become more familiarized and practice cultural sensitivity and general encouragement with your fellow students as we all face different challenges and adversities at one point or another.


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