#TimesUp pins and black gowns welcome in the start of awards season

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They wore black. They dawned #TimesUp pins. And they gave meaningful speeches. Is it too demanding to want more? The 75th Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 7 was a night filled with tension. With allegations of sexual harassment plaguing Hollywood as of late, it was evident the award show would be less about the winners and losers, and more about politics and real world issues.

During the opening monologue, host Seth Meyers took jabs at the idea of a male-centric Hollywood, the scrutiny of women and the numerous television and film power players, accused of sexual assault and harassment, who did not attend the evening.

A number of actors and actresses have already come to the defense of the alleged victims of sexual assault in Hollywood, condemning the intolerable actions of those accused. However, some members of Hollywood still appear to hold the same uncomfortable stance the public does about sexually based charges, with the audacious mindset that “these women” are making accusations without merit, lying about their own experiences.

This was poignantly addressed by Meyers in his comments on Harvey Weinstein, saying “Harvey Weinstein isn’t here tonight, because, well, I’ve heard rumors he’s crazy and difficult to work with.”
Is the act and use of victim blaming not already popular enough in common society, that Hollywood now must too perpetuate it. Delving farther into the idea of victim blaming, Myers pointed at the absolute absurdity of automatic disbelief in those who come forward.

This is why, in some ways, I can stand behind the #TimesUp movement and wearing black in solidarity of sexual assault victims. Purely because it is something that pushes the world towards even the slightest bit of change. The truth of the matter remains though, Hollywood needs to do much more for itself, and for the society it blindly leads, than just wearing or saying the right things during award show season.

Instead of just saying inspirational comments during their acceptance speeches, stars must commit themselves to doing the right thing and not just when it reflects well on their character in front of the millions tuned in.

Try demanding equal wages for roles before someone points it out as unfair. Do not continue to accept jobs that benefit wrong doers. Refuse to be an enabler and come forward with honesty, instead of cowering in fear of losing profit. By this I mean to say, do better.

Hollywood is full of individuals we as a society idolize to no end. They receive exorbitant amounts of money to live out their dreams of sharing stories through screen time. While I understand their craft to be demanding and full of challenges, being a decent person and an active advocate for what is right, is not.


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