Award show a platform for social issues

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Like many award shows recently, the 60th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony was used as a platform for guests to touch on issues that are currently in the spotlight, such as sexual assault and immigration.

Kendrick Lamar opened the show with a politically fueled performance that began with soldiers marching in front of an American flag backdrop and ended with dancers dropping to the ground to the sound of simulated gunshots.

White roses, seen on many of those in attendance, were worn as a symbol of support for the Time’s Up movement. The movement being a legal defense fund that provides subsidized legal support to those who have experienced sexual harassment, assault or abuse in the workplace.

Artists also voiced their support for other causes, either through their acceptance speech or during their role as a presenter. Some complain about artists, or simply celebrities in general, who use
platforms such as award shows to take a stand on social or political issues.

However, if these people are going to be in the public eye, why not use their position to promote issues that are not only important to them but are valuable discussions for society to have as well?
The Grammys tried joining in on the conversation of equality when they encouraged guests to wear the white roses, however the results of the winners do not reflect the same aspiration for
social activism.

Out of the 84 awards given out only 11 went to women. It could be argued that the men nominated were simply considered to have produced better work, but unfortunately this lack of female winners is a recurring problem.

The fact that there has been such backlash over the results of the Grammys, mainly due to the snubbing of female artists, shows that the winners do not necessarily reflect public opinion. Politics and social issues aside, award shows are a popularity contest.

The winners are not undeniably the best, but instead reflect the opinions of those who make up the nomination and voting panel.

People should not put too much stock in whether or not their favorite artist or group won because it is really just subjective.


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