Looking to science for certainty and answers

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It seems safe to say that in this day and age there is a ton of uncertainty about many things.

Did we land on the moon? Is there more life out in space? Is Tupac still alive? Will I die alone? Just simple, yet unanswered things.

One area people always turn to for certainty in their life is science.

For many centuries, something that was studied and experimented on extensively would only then be deemed certain. Is this still the case though?

While there are some pure facts that are certain and will never change, thanks to them being backed by science, there are others that seem to have a new conclusion every time they are studied.

These studies are what make people believe that science does not create a certainty.

It can create a state of agreement and the public may take this as a certainty, but these findings rarely say the item being studied is a certain thing.

With technology and the sciences growing rapidly, our ability to study and experiment is always on the rise. We are able to disprove previous theories that people thought were a certainty.

So in essence, science does not necessarily mean certainty. If there is a study done, who is to say it cannot be outdone in the future.

For a while we believed there were nine planets. People were certain, and now, yikes.

If someone truly believes that science is really the end all be all of a study, then that person should begin to think more freely.

They should expand their horizons, I whichever way they want to think.

When a person routinely ends up believing what is reported they begin to lose the ability to think for their own self, and eventually become an unimaginative person. People are meant to question things, that is how we better ourselves.

It really does not matter which argument you want to put this towards, it could be towards being transgender or it could be towards religion.

Both are always being argued with science, but if you let it give you the false belief that it’s a certainty, you will never be able to grow.

Grow as a person, or grow as a society. It starts with questioning science and science claiming things as a certainty.


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