Mistakes in college can impact future employment

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People always say college is the time to mess up and really figure out your life. Not mess up as in flunk out and get nowhere with your education, but mess up socially.

College really does seem like the time to make mistakes and try to learn who you are. A time to learn who you need to associate and be with, both in terms of friends and significant others, a time to learn what you want to do in the future and a time to learn how much party you can handle.

Though, in this technology driven society, where every party is posted on a Snapchat Story, “letting go” of college exploits can be difficult.

With the risk of potentially harmful pictures and videos making it online, one may ask, has the day and age of making mistakes in college with no fear passed? The short answer is no. The long answer is, stop being dumb.

If you are afraid of embarrassing images of you making poor decisions getting out, then do not put yourself in a situation where it can happen. Everyone wants to take pictures for their keepsake, so just make sure the pictures that get posted online are drug and alcohol free.

Rise above and keep your wits around you at parties and social gatherings.

And when people are taking videos for their Snapchat, you can of course be in them, but try not to be doing something you should not be doing. Hide the drink behind your back, or put that vase away, just for the 10 to 20 seconds the video lasts.

Remember, we are all trying to get employed after college. And employers are getting better and better at sifting through our social media accounts to find what we have spent our time doing in college.

And remember this, if you would not want your grandma to see it, do not let it be put it online.


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