Top 10 places to visit in Forest Grove

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10. Pac Thai

A student favorite on Pacific Avenue. Pac Thai is a must try for lovers of thai food and the uninitiated.


9. Lost Wax Records

Vinyl lovers rejoice! Lost Wax is great little record store on Pacific Avenue within walking distance of campus. Reasonable prices and good selection make this place even better than some of the record stores in Portland.


8. Maggie’s Buns

Anyone with a hankering for a good cinnamon roll should head over to Maggie’s Buns. The coffee and other breakfast food also makes Maggie’s a great Sunday brunch spot.


7. Next Dimension Bakery

Ranging from artisanal bread to pastries, Next Dimension has everything one needs for a carbohydrate induced coma. The soft pretzels and beignets are a must try.


6. Ridgewalker Brewing

For those craving bar food or a brew,  the taproom offers a classic bar hall experience with great food and drinks. It also hosts regular events and have a selection of games on hand.


5. Cornerstone Pub & Grill

Cornerstone is hole in the wall pub with cheap burgers that you cannot find anywhere else. Consider their menu before going out to fast food.


4. Forest Theatre

This single screen theater is conveniently located in downtown Forest Grove and offers discounted prices for Pacific students that make movie night a no-brainer.


3. Corner Antiques and Collectibles

Anyone who is a fan of the eclectic, loves old things, or is just looking for some time to kill should check this place out. Mazes of vintage items and shelves of ornate glassware offer a feast for the eyes.


2. Farmers’ Market

Every Wednesday evening, Forest Grove closes Main Street and hosts a farmers’ market. Students can expect to find fresh produce, homemade products, and street vendors selling great food that should not be missed before it’s last event on Oct. 31.

1. Henry Hagg Lake

Hagg Lake is a short drive outside Forest Grove but has many spots suitable for a picnic, lawn games, or a swim.


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