Death of politician sparks response

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The recent death of Senator John McCain has sparked both sadness and controversy throughout the United States.

Whenever someone famous or important dies there often times seems to be a weird, uncomfortable division of emotions, especially if it was a strong political figure like McCain. It seems as if people reflect on the deceased’s great life and achievements for a quick second and then immediately look at all of the negative aspects of their life.

It’s possible this happens because the current society that we live in is a society that searches for the problem in everything.

As United States Senator, McCain’s political career spanned decades. He was a veteran and most notably a graduate from the United States Naval Academy before serving in Vietnam. What most of the current generation remembers him for is running against Barack Obama for president in the 2008 presidential election.

As an individual McCain was loved. He was a great father, husband, loyal employee (both to his political party and country), and an overall good human being.

The reason why he is so disliked, especially after his death, is for the policies he stood up for. Most recently controversial was his support for the removal of the Obama administration’s health care policy. McCain was a loved person more than a Senator and all over the world he was respected.

The question raised, especially with the death of an important political figure, is whether there can be a balance between sadness and anger over something that they have done. It can be surmised that there can, in fact, be a balance. As a society we acknowledge that yes, this person might have done questionable things during their life and career, but they have a family and loved ones that are mourning loss. One thing that has remained throughout this ever-changing world is respect which is the perfect balance between sadness and anger.

When McCain died it seemed as though it took time for the world to notice. To mourn the death of someone like him through rose tinted glasses and focus on the positives in life is not a bad perspective. Yes, people do have their shortcomings and humans do make mistakes, famous or not, but life is beautiful and a blessing.


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