Government Shutdown: Student recognizes issues in current competitive politics

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When citizens are forced to ration goods like insulin while waiting for a paycheck because of the government shutdown, politicians and everyday people alike are quick to point fingers at everyone else for who is responsible.

At this point, who is not responsible? Sure it is easy to bash President Donald Trump, who has spent his entire presidency being blamed for things, not to say this is not warranted. But the way our government is set up is so that when things like this happen the blame cannot fall solely onto one person.

Yes, Trump is to blame because he wants the wall. There, we are done. Problem solved. Question answered.

But not so fast. Trump wants the wall so that is a part of it, but if the opposition truly wanted this shutdown to end, could they not just approve the funding? Spoiler alert, the answer is yes.

This shutdown could have been stopped at any point in time if Nancy Pelosi had simply told her fellow Democrats to approve the wall. Democrats say that the public does not want the wall, but Trump was elected on the slogan, “Build a wall,” so it can be a little difficult to say that they do not.

The immigration system definitely needs to change. How it should change depends on who you ask, but it still needs to be altered somehow. Trump promised to build a wall, and people should not criticize politicians when they actually try to fulfill a campaign promise. That is like finding a hundred dollar bill on the side of the street and then throwing it away.

The problem is that Democrats have promised to stop the wall. For what seems like the first time in political history every politician is trying to follow through with campaign promises, and it has turned into an absolute nightmare. It almost makes you wish politicians would follow their hidden agendas.

It is also surprising how small of a wall Trump plans to build with the funding. When I first heard, “Build a wall,” I pictured the Great Wall of China but instead along the Mexican border. Trump’s slogan should have been, “Build a kind of tall fence.”

I think Democrats could take this as a win all things considered. After all, he justs wants to build more of what is already there. So to answer who is to blame: every single member of Congress, and of course Trump. Anyone not willing to make a deal is at fault.

I do not know how this will end, but I do know one thing. This will not be the last shutdown we see in the next two years. We are certain to have more Pelosi versus Trump, and this little wall scuffle will probably not be the biggest issue. But for now, make some popcorn for the rest of the show, because we are just getting started.


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