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Transitioning from high school to college can be a scary, lonely process, especially if students are coming from out of state. However, Pacific University has managed to create a community to unite students and faculty alike, helping many newcomers settle in.

Freshman Stella Lee only had good things to say about Pacific.

“I had never even been to Forest Grove when I showed up for orientation,” Lee said. “When I first came to Pacific, I saw a beautiful campus with a community of people that were all connected and knew each other well. Now, I feel like I’m becoming a part of that community.”

“There are tons of different kinds of people with different backgrounds and values that I’m eager to get to know,” Lee continued. “All the professors are really cool and make an effort to know their students. And it still looks like Hogwarts to me”.

Lee isn’t the only one who feels like Pacific has created its own community. “It was a really tight knit community where people and teachers all genuinely care about each other and helping you succeed,” Freshman Ellinor Allen said.

Having faculty and professors that actually get to know and care about students is a big part of the Pacific experience.

In most large or public schools students are usually unable to receive one on one time with professors, as class sizes reach the hundreds. But Pacific’s smaller class sizes allow for more personal learning environment.

Coming into Pacific as a Freshman, I was astounded by how kind and supportive the staff and students were. During my first day of First Year Seminar, I managed to end up in the wrong classroom and lose my phone in the process.

Thanks to Becca Rustand, my FYS student helper, I was able to trace my steps back and find my missing phone. That type of willingness to help and kindness is what makes such a lasting impression on the students here at Pacific.

The community aspect of the school is really what sets it apart from others. To all the Freshman wandering the halls this fall: don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Everyone here at Pacific truly wants to see you succeed.


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